Studio Practice


"I portray people in the casual common moments of their lives."

“I portray people in the casual moments of their lives.”

Over the past year I have been working on figure paintings 30″ x 40″ and larger. My paintings are about relationship with the people in my life.My figures represent the young and the old, mothers and fathers, friends, strangers and acquaintances. I  represent people in the authentic, casual moments of their lives.

I am concerned with the portrayal of the body language that speaks to the energy of the individual. I work from my own photographs in a gestural manner as though I were drawing from life. It is important to me to work only with the contents within the photo; anything else feels staged and false. By nature, the photographic process contains distortions that I often use to emphasize meaning.

For me, painting is an improvisational performance. Each mark on the canvas is influenced by the mark that preceded it affecting the expression of the subsequent strokes. Ultimately, it is the layering of the individual encounters with the paintings that become the physical body of each painting. What feels like intuitive decisions of how and what to paint are choices guided by years of formal training, practice and observation in response to the subject It is my goal to approach a new canvas without expectations and with a willingness to take a risk. Attitude in life is analogous to my painting process. In my life and my work I can only respond to what occurs in a given moment.

It is my intention to share the process and the energy from which I approach the canvas with my students. It is true that you learn to paint one painting at a time.