School Residencies


Joanne works in K-12 classrooms offering workshops and residencies integrating art into the academic curriculum. She works hand-in-hand with teachers to create art projects relating to the student’s studies and graded academic project requirements. 2nd graders learned about artist Henri Rouseau by creating a 60″ x 180″ collage  integrating flora and fauna. 3rd graders extended their research of animal habitats with, charcoal, crayons and collage on pizza boxes while others depicted characters from mythology, as well as imaginary worlds and airports. 5th grades created a 60″ x 120″ map of the United States integrating elements of popular culture from across the country. 6th graders worked on gessoed pizza boxes and large cardboard with charcoal and collage to complete their studies on ancient Rome. Joanne’s work inspires the classroom projects she creates and often times her explorations with students inspires her studio work. In the process of creating a large scale 5th grade map, the work below was conceived after discovering how satisfying drawing on 40″ x 60″ sheets of cardboard could be .


big idea  DSC_0051

                                                            I like proposing big ideas.


Inspired by the work of artist Jim Dine, I created a 9′ x 12′ figurative installation in the Mayer building at Marylhurst University in 2011. I used charcoal and mixed media on three sheets of 40”x 60″ gessoed cardboard and embedded 2011 newspaper articles of the then current events of Egypt and Japan as tone and texture. My work in turn inspired the creation of classroom art projects on pizza boxes and large cardboard art for numerous workshops I facilitated in the K-8 classroom. Sharing the work of inspirational artists energizes both teachers and students. Another creative individual and his collaborators working at a massive scale with unusual materials is Brazilian born , New Your based artist, VIk Muniz. His gymnasium size portraits featured in the documentary, “Wasteland,” are created from refuse from a garbage dump. I show his work as a demonstration of art that has not only inspired but also created social change.