Enough Is Enough

Social Studies involves Math and a Service Project. Inspired by Thurow and Kilman’s book Enough, I recently proposed to work with middle school students  in  to create an art installation project that promotes awareness of hunger in our area. The students will research and compare local issues to global poverty creating opportunity to incorporate statistical math study and mapping, while referencing the impact art can have on culture. The school and neighborhood communities will hold food and clothing drives. From the clothing, students will create life-size sculptural figures to be placed in an environment of growing stores of food. We are consciously using materials that are essential to daily living. The students will also create 2D art pieces from re-purposed materials that relate to the subject of poverty. I will work closely students  collaborating with the classroom art teacher and guest artists. All students will experience artist interaction, brainstorming sessions with their ideas and input on their content research. We will have multiple exhibit locations in which all usable goods will be donated to charity at the exhibits end.