Who Am I? Now showing on the 3rd floor of the North Portland Library

St. Andrew Nativity School, Oregon’s only tuition-free private middle school, partnered with local artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman for a portrait project titled “Who Am I?” Kollman was awarded a Regional Arts & Culture Council Arts-In-Schools project grant. This allowed 26 8th grade students, to work directly with Kollman, a local professional portrait artist, to create individual self-portraits as well as a collaborative work of art on repurposed panels.

Last Monday Night at the artist’s reception for the St. Andrew Nativity School 8th graders, students had an opportunity to talk about their painting process. Jarod and his mother told about their ancestor Emiliano Zapata who was the main leader for the peasant farmers in the Mexican revolution. This student discussed his pride in his heritage and his passion for modeling his self portrait after his great grandfather.





Homeroom teacher Ms. Petticrew brought her new baby girl and students and teachers gathered in front of the group project created with artist Chris Haberman.

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