Portrait Art Camp

Valley Catholic
The group

Portrait 1


LINE, SHAPE, VALUE, some TEXTURE, and a little COLOR were the themes for the week as students learned to identify how to ORGANIZE, CLARIFY and ENERGIZE the picture space.

Students were tuned in to learning to see. It is a hard habit to break to teach people to look and draw. They create habits of spending far to much time looking at the picture they are drawing. There is a time for that but it is most certainly not in the organizing and the clarifying in a realistic and representational painting or drawing.

This week long portrait art camp was the brainchild of Sr. Krista Von Borstel. Together Kollman and Von Borstel collaborated over the past year to identify and create the essence of Kollman’s portrait art practice. 30 plus years of experience culminated into what Kollman coined as art boot camp for kids, hopefully providing them with at the very least with the awareness of the structural foundation to art making.

“I have a clay animation background and with Sr. Krista’s art and Industrial Design background the wheels are turning for what might be in store for next year”

“My students created watercolor paintings of the main building out at Valley Catholic. I’m planning a Plein air outing some morning around 8am…stay tuned.”

“The pool a definite plus for an art camp. Students were able to have a daily swim break”

“Working within the school year classroom curriculum I often feel like I am on a game show working as fast as I can so that students can generate the prize, when art making is really an intellectual and spiritual practice and discipline.”

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