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Fall Art Enrichment

I enjoyed a 4th season of the 8-week after school art enrichment program at St. Andrew Nativity School. We, a group of nine: 6th, 7th and 8th grade and a high school helper, started with observational drawing that addressed a light source and cast shadow using strong contrasting shapes. Next we tried a multi-step project [...]

Expressive Charcoal Drawing

I had a great group of students at the Gregory Heights Library. While the class was titled expressive charcoal drawing I typically form fit my teaching to the group. When I started teaching my intention was to bring forth a bit of the studio practice. As artists we are constantly influenced by everything around us. [...]

Who Am I? Now showing on the 3rd floor of the North Portland Library

St. Andrew Nativity School, Oregon’s only tuition-free private middle school, partnered with local artist Joanne Radmilovich Kollman for a portrait project titled “Who Am I?” Kollman was awarded a Regional Arts & Culture Council Arts-In-Schools project grant. This allowed 26 8th grade students, to work directly with Kollman, a local professional portrait artist, to create [...]

Art In The Schools Grant

I am pleased to announce that I was awarded a Arts In Schools project grant to work with the St. Andrew Nativity School 8th grade class on a portrait project, “Who am I” in 2015. We will mount several neighborhood exhibits giving the school visibility and providing students with a rich arts experience. I have [...]

Portrait Art Camp

LINE, SHAPE, VALUE, some TEXTURE, and a little COLOR were the themes for the week as students learned to identify how to ORGANIZE, CLARIFY and ENERGIZE the picture space. Students were tuned in to learning to see. It is a hard habit to break to teach people to look and draw. They create habits of [...]

St. Andrew Nativity

I am just wrapping up an 8-week after school arts enrichment program at St. Andrew Nativity. I am working with 6th. 7th and 8th grade. We have about an hour each week to make some art. The focus has been independent study in black and white. We started out with white Prisma pencil on black [...]

Ardenwald Elementary! You are Amazing!

What a lovely school. What a great 5th grade class. Your school is like walking into another world. And your art ROCKS 5th grade! Teaching art to elementary school students first sparked my intellectual interest to collaborate with the classroom teacher to integrate art into the academic curriculum. My challenge with Ardenwald was to figure [...]

Student Art Exhibit

During the 2012/2013 school year I worked with Groner Elementary 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, All Saints Elementary 6th graders and 5-12 year-olds in Kateri Parks Get Artsy program. The projects included lessons in, minds-eye drawing distinguishing the difference from thinking of an object in your mind, imagination and observational drawing from a reference source [...]

Anime and Manga Drawing

We started the class off with a dozen visitors from Taiwan followed by neighborhood kids who sat on the floor squeezing as many interested students as the room would hold. I grew up “learning to draw comics the marvel way” and I still highly recommend the book How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way. Armed [...]